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Jun 27 2008

Forgiveness — It’s Not Just For “Them”

Most people, if they think about forgiveness at all, think that it’s really hard. Or they wish for a way to stop bad feelings of guilt, anger, resentment, or fear. I just wrote about that over on my other blog and wanted to cross post about that here, because I just made a new flower […]

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Jun 27 2008

4th of July/Firecracker Pet Anxiety

The 4th of July (and the days just before and after) are often times of distress for your animals. The sudden loud noises can provoke panic attacks and terror in even the most ordinarily-calm pet! What to do? You can medicate your animals, or — for more natural and effective solution, recommended by vet techs […]

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Jun 06 2008

Manifest Your Intentions

This week was a busy week! I had lots of new clients and tons of orders. Kept me pretty busy, which I like. One of the interesting features of the week was a request to make a formula to help someone get a new business up and running — mostly to clear any issues of […]

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Jun 04 2008

Chakra Clearing Essences

I am so excited to announce our new Chakra Clearing Essences Collection! I just finished sending the information off to the webmaster to add to our catalog and — crossing my fingers — hope that we will be able to start shipping in about a week. This collection has been a long time emerging — […]

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