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Sep 29 2008

Tibetan Gentian Essence

This summer while traveling in Maine, I happened upon a wonderful biodynamic farm I’d not discovered before: Avena, created and operated by herbalist Deb Soule. You can always tell a biodynamic garden by its exuberance: the bees were busy (and not at all concerned about humans among the flowers); plants that are normally around 2 […]

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Sep 26 2008

Stressful Times Call For Better Solutions

The news these days just gets more intense by the day, it seems. One bad thing after another. (Of course you don’t hear much about all the good things that are also happening, do you?? But that’s a topic for another conversation. . . ) Today I want to talk about some simple ways you […]

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Sep 24 2008

New Self Help Site Features Many Resources

Hey everyone, I just learned about this great new site: Dances With Flowers is going to be listed there! I’ve been surfing some of the resources they are featuring, and I really like how many great self-help areas they are covering. Go visit when you have the chance, and see if you can’t pick up […]

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Sep 12 2008

Flower Essences For Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is affecting both humans and animals all over North America. There are few corners that have escaped its ravages, and it’s a tough one to prevent. So far the vaccines haven’t worked well (or have had serious side effects that make them undesirable as a preventative.) And prevention seems still to be the […]

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Sep 04 2008

Good News and A Preview of Coming Attractions

Just got back from vacation, where I made a couple of discoveries and got a lead on a new flower I had not known about before. I need to contact the garden’s owner and see if I can get a flower essence made from this very rare plant (Tibetan Gentian.) Stay tuned on that one. […]

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