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Sep 24 2013

Stop taking on other people’s energies!

If you’re someone who seems like a sponge for other people’s energies, you know how draining it can be.  While taking on other people’s energies can happen to anyone, there are certain people who are more prone than others to taking on unwanted energies from others: healers (therapists, bodyworkers, nurses, doctors, clinicians, etc.) empaths highly […]

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Sep 18 2013

Star Struts ~ Put the SHOW Into Your Dog, Cat, Horse or Rabbit

When you want your dog, cat, horse, or rabbit to concentrate and focus on you in the ring (whether for performance or conformation) — not on the other animals or handlers or what is happening in the next ring, only on you — help is here.   Our Star Struts flower essence formula is a proven […]

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