Jun 27 2008

4th of July/Firecracker Pet Anxiety

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The 4th of July (and the days just before and after) are often times of distress for your animals. The sudden loud noises can provoke panic attacks and terror in even the most ordinarily-calm pet! What to do? You can medicate your animals, or — for more natural and effective solution, recommended by vet techs in the know

use flower essences to calm them.

The Phobias Formula is usually given several times a day on the days leading up to, during, and after holidays like the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve — when loud bangs from firecrackers and fireworks displays can send your pets cowering under the beds for safety. But instead of just letting them suffer, you can do something effectivde about it — give them flower essences, and watch them calm down almost immediately.

You may also have animals that react to thunderstorms the same way. The Phobias Formula works for anything your pets are scared of — to help them feel safe and secure despite the noises they don’t like. We jokingly call the table at the end of the room the “bomb shelter” for our dog, who goes there the minute it starts to thunder outside. But then we give her the Phobias Formula and she’s fine. If we know in advance, we start giving her the flower essences BEFORE the noises start — and then she never gets upset at all. What a relief for all of us!

If you have a pet that is freaked out by all those loud noises, don’t let them suffer. Give them flower essences and help them have a MUCH better experience with a lot less stress. You will all feel a great deal better.

Oh. I almost forgot. Here’s where you can get that formula.

Here’s wishing you AND your pets a safe and happy holiday this 4th of July!

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