May 14 2008

A Personal Journey About The Body Electric

The first time I knew that our bodies were made of more than flesh and blood, I was sitting in deep meditation. I was in my early 20’s. I saw a figure in brown robes beckon to me, and I followed. Presently, he pointed to something behind me, and as I turned I saw a lump of clay that was shaped in a seated position. The clay was reddish-colored and, I thought, extremely ugly. Then I observed that, within the clay, were tiny filaments of light, pulsing brightly. There were so lovely, so delicate, yet so powerful — they were pulsing with Life Force Energy, the very substance of Life Itself.

But suddenly, I became aware that what I was observing was. . . ME!! I was observing myself from outside my body somehow! And the shock of it drew me back with a “thud” into the body again, at which point I began sobbing uncontrollably. I was so sad that I could no longer see the beautiful lights pulsing — and I was immeasurably sad at how common and, well,rather ugly the physical body is, in comparison to what “runs” it.

Since that time, I have never forgotten what those circuits look like.

I have searched high and low to discover anyone and anything that could tell me what it means, or help me interpret what I saw during that meditation. I have read books, I have studied with masters, and I have finally found the answers I sought — in the work I do now as a flower essence therapist and specialist in creating custom blended flower essences for people and animals.

The human body does have acupuncture circuits, yes. But that’s not what I saw that day.

Jin Shin Do teaches that there are circuits called “Strange Flows” that roughly parallel the acupuncture circuitry in our bodies, but which do not behave according to any known, traditional acupuncture Laws. These Strange Flows more than likely tap into — if are not central to — our electrical circuits that make us who we are.

For myself? I have come to understand that what I saw were the central portion of my own electrical circuits that make me “me” — they govern my Life Force Energy, and allow me to remain in physical form. Every living thing has such a pattern — as well as millions and millions of subsidiary circuitry that enable each and every function we have.

Scientists have begun to explore these minute frequencies, and to develop equipment sensitive enough to record them. Perhaps in future, this kind of electrical therapy will become well known and commonplace. But until then, the one and only way that is known to balance — and heal — your electrical circuits is through flower essences. They restore patterns and can introduce new ones as desired, if you wish to develop yourself in any particular way.

In future articles I hope to shed more light on this subject.

Meanwhile I invite your comments and further discussion!

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