May 16 2008

Animal Communicators — How They Help

In my work, I frequently recommend that clients consider engaging an animal communicator to assist both of us (you as the animal’s caregiver and me as the helper) to understand what is going on with your cat, dog, bird, horse or rabbit.

You as the pet owner and companion can read all the signs and signals that your animal’s behavior is telling you; but sometimes that is not enough to help you truly understand what is going on. That’s where an animal communicator can help.

I depend on the information you, the pet owner, gives me about what kind of behavior your pet is showing, and to help you interpret it correctly — so that I can offer the correct flowers that will help. But if you can only see part of the picture, you may need help to get more — or more accurate — information. A good animal communicator will show you the whole picture — and give you (and me too) the information we need to address ALL the issues that your animal friend may be experiencing. Together, we as a team can help your pets resolve whatever is troubling them.

Over the years, I have worked with several animal communicators — but here are two that I know best and can recommend to you:

Lynn McKenzie at Animal Energy

Now, while I don’t ordinarily recommend other suppliers, I can vouch for the flower essences she carries (because I’ve tried them myself and know that they work.) Go there and see all the great essences you can get there!

The other communicator is Marilyn Winterburg.

Both communicators will soon be listed on my web site, where you can learn more and click through to see how you might work with them.

If you have wondered whether animal communicators can really help, let me assure you: they do! Call Lynn today and get “the inside story” about what’s going on with YOUR favorite animal friend.

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