Jul 29 2013

Announcing Bright Wings Abundance Activator Formula

For those of you who aren’t on my list, you’re missing something wonderful ~ the new Collective Consciousness Healing Group.

Out of these groups, I’ve made some powerful new formulas, and this is one of the latest.  I wanted to share it with you here, because so many people seem to still be struggling with issues around prosperity and abundance.  The new Bright Wings Abundance Activator Formula gives you the patterns to:

  • let go of resistance to doing what you need to do about abundance in your life
  • stop procrastinating and get on with it
  • know how to recognize opportunities when they appear
  • let go of your fears and replace them with confidence and self-worth
  • take effective action to empower yourself and start attracting more of what you want (and less of what you don’t)

The Collective Consciousness group members who are taking this formula have reported astonishing breakthroughs in their lives; while the groups are confidential, I can share some of the breakthroughs they have experienced (and I will get permission soon to share testimonials from them with you):

  • realized why they had been procrastinating about an important task, and took action on what they needed to do about it
  • husband suddenly got a new job with better pay
  • got clarity about what needs to happen to create new programs that perfectly align with their life work
  • organized new home office space for efficient work and productive use of time

Mind you, ALL of these events are things with which they had been struggling for months and sometimes years; their breakthroughs happened within the span of 2-3 weeks.  Not bad!

I will be offering some of the formulas that were originally made for the Collective Consciousness Groups for my customers to experience, too.  This is the first one and is offered for the first time this month:  Bright Wings Abundance Activator.  I’m especially proud of this one because one of the lead flowers in the formula is the first flower essence I made with my own hands:  Bright Wings.  It’s made from the Bright Wings Aesclepius, which is an empowerment flower.  Of course, my empowerment company is Bright Wings, Inc. — so there is deep resonance with that flower for all the work I do.

You can be part of a Collective Consciousness Healing Group, too; new groups are forming at the beginning of each month.  But there’s a limit to how many groups I can do, so if you’re interested please join while you still can.  I may have to close them soon!  Oh, and one of the benefits when you become a member is that you get a new formula every month as part of your membership fee, so you will always have support for the top things that are happening in your life.  And you get refills of any previous formulas at reduced cost, too 🙂  There are a whole lot of reasons to become a member, but why don’t you go see for yourself and get signed up while there are still open slots available?

Meanwhile, if you’d like to try one of the most potent abundance activators made, go ahead and order yours today.



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