Jul 29 2013

Announcing New Line of Animal Essence Sprays

What’s new over at the “flower essence factory”?  Heaps!  Here’s some big news, for people with pets.

We took the top flower essence formulas for our animal friends and added organic essential oils, to enhance the effects ~ and created some amazing new products.

Because animals are much better at smelling than humans are (their noses are more highly developed) this was a no-brainer.  Adding fragrances was a logical step to give even more support for these formulas — and boy did we find out just how great they were, from the start.

We also learned that, even though the sprays work more immediately, for long-term problems it’s best to offer both the sprays AND the internal drops.  That way, the patterns you want for them are sure to be grounded in their own systems through both the electrical system and the olfactory system — the best of both worlds.

The spray formulas come in 4 sizes:  5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, and 60 ml.  Larger sizes including refill bottles are available on request.

Introducing the Animal Essence Sprays

Calming Spray
The first spray we made was for Calming.  One of our most popular flower essences for animals has been the Phobias formula, for pets who have panic attacks over loud noises, such as fireworks and thunderstorms.  It really works!  We have many veterinarians who recommend it for their furry patients.  Now, we added organic aromatherapy ingredients to enhance the calming properties.  Great for ANY kind of upset where you want to calm them quickly.

Needy No More

Separation anxiety and neediness is often a problem for some pets.  Our Neediness and Separation Anxiety flower essence formulas have been paired with organic essential oils and made into sprays, to help your pet relax and understand that it’s going to be just fine if you aren’t always right there with them.

Focus Me

The flower essence formula underlying this spray is our popular Star Struts.   By adding the fragrance component to this formula, we made it even more useful for show dogs, horses or cats who need immediate focus for going into the show ring.  (By the way, it helps calm handler nerves, too — or stage fright.)

Peace For the Pack

Whether it’s an animal pack or human group, sometimes you just need a way to get everyone to work together.  Or at least not grumble 🙂  We added organic essential oils to our popular Group Harmony formula, to give family units or packs the stability and peaceful dynamics you want.

Rescue Repattern

This one can be a life-saver for an animal that’s been rescued, because often there is a sense of grief and loss about the family they left behind.  Or maybe there was neglect or abuse.  This formula helps the animal release whatever happened to this point, and prepare to learn how to become a happy member of a new family.

We had the opportunity to test this recently when we fostered a 12-year-old dog that was being given up by its previous family due to financial issues.  It was a very sad situation, and the poor dog had been seriously neglected for a long time.  But within a week with us, taking the flower essences and using the new Rescue Repattern spray, he’s scampering around and playing with toys, smiling, and acting like a new dog.  Amazing stuff!  Very effective and important, if you’re involved in rescue for any kind of animal; it could save a pet’s life by getting it ready for new experiences and healing any trauma from the past.

Pest Away

Kind of like it sounds, this one helps keep pests away from your pet.  The flower essence formula strengthens the circuits that help your pet repel pests and insect critters; we added organic essential oils that help deter pests topically.  Great for spraying bedding and sleeping areas!  NOTE:  this will not replace the ordinary flea and tick control that you need and usually get from your vet; it just adds additional support to help keep your pet free from unwanted pests.

To get the spray formulas, go here.

To get the original flower essence formulas, go here.

Wholesale options are available for veterinarian offices and qualified retail stores.


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