Aug 14 2009

Announcing New Prosperity Products

The summer is proving to be very interesting, for finding new flowers and making important new combination formulas.  There’s a lot to report, so let’s start off with the ones that are probably going to have the most impact for you.  I just finished making two new formulas that we’ve added to the Prosperity Pack:

  • Clear Away Clutter
  • Gratitude


First. let’s talk about Gratitude.  With the Gratitude Essences, you get help to be in touch with the energy that is SO attractive to abundance.  Experts who work in the field of prosperity and abundance tell us that one of the best ways to attract abundance is to adopt an “attitude of gratitude.” But sometimes, that’s just plain easier said than done!  Especially these days.

Good news is here — the new Gratitude Flower Essences help you shift gears emotionally, so that you can get in touch with all that you have for which to be thankful, and to stay in the mindset of being grateful for all the goodness that’s around you and within you. When it’s hard to feel grateful for ANYTHING, reach for this new gentle combination essence, with flowers that know where to find your heart and help it heal with blessings of peace and thanks

With the Clear Away Clutter Essences, you will receive in addition a short meditation, to assist your inner work in clearing away everything that does not contribute to your clear energy and prosperity — whether that is material goods that you have accumulated, or whether it’s inner chaos.

And, for the first time ever, for those who want something extra, I’ll be offering a half-hour telephone consultation to help you develop a personal strategy that will really work.  My assistants are working on getting that set up so it’s easy for everyone, and I’ll be coming back to announce the details on the blog when it’s ready to go.

And finally, since these complement the powerful Prosperity Formulas that we already offer (Quantum Prosperity and Manifestor), for a limited time I’m offering the whole set (which now totals 4 bottles) for a 28% discount:  just $50.00 for the set of 4.

If you already have the first two, you might want to add these new ones.  Or, if you or someone you know struggles with the issues of gratitude and clutter, then these new formulas would make a timely gift.  I was very happy with how the first two flower essence combination formulas perform for people ~ and I have been getting requests to make the new ones too.  It just seemed natural to wrap them up in a bundle that really covers all the issues you have, about manifesting abundance and prosperity.

Visit the web site to learn more, and order one of more of the new formulas.

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