Aug 02 2013

Announcing the Collective Consciousness Healing Group

We’ve created a new way to connect and heal while helping raise the level of the global awareness and consciousness.  For anyone doing self growth and personal development, this is a wonderful new arena.  Each month, with a small, confidential group of like-minded people, we share what’s going on in our lives, and find the ONE common theme that we all have in common.  (By the way, in more than 40 years of doing consciousness work, I have yet to find ANY group where there is not a common thread or theme.  It’s rather astonishing but true.)

Once we know what we’re all working on, I create a custom blend of flower essences that helps to solve that issue or problem, and together we all start to heal that theme in ourselves.  We find that, as each of us learn new patterns and ways to deal with things that trouble us, we are also creating bioresonant fields from which all humans can benefit.

We Heal Together

We Heal Together

Some groups meet once a month by teleconference at mutually convenient times, and other groups meet “virtually” by email or in private spaces on social media.  The cost to get a personal, custom flower essence blend is currently $150.00 for EACH blend, but members of the Collective Consciousness Healing Groups get their formulas free with their $50.00/month membership — and also get refills at reduced rates.

Each month, new groups form — but there is a limit to how many groups can run at the same time.  If this interests you please sign up while there are still slots available.

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