Apr 26 2008

Anxiety Can Be Easily Controlled — 100% Naturally

These days anxiety and stress are two issues that seem to afflict many people. Before you reach for some pharmaceuticals (or worse, alcohol or illicit drugs — both of which tend to make it worse) you might like to know about an easy way to handle your anxiety or stress. Flower remedies have proven effective and safe for all kinds of situations — and anxiety is certainly one of them.

Both Aspen and Mimulus are two of the original 38 Bach flower essences that address fear — but new flowers have been discovered since then that, when combined into a bouquet, offer strong patterns to your electrical system to know what to do if you are feeling stressed or anxious. Your new patterns will give you more ways to cope with the stressors, and to short-circuit (no pun intended. . .) any panic attacks.

Of course you can take Rescue Remedy or ETS (Emergency Trauma Solution) if something unusual happens, but if you are a person who feels plagued on a regular basis with anxiety or stress — taking flower essences may just get your to the “Hey I can handle this!” place you would rather feel.

I offer two formulas, one for “free-floating anxiety” or panic attacks and one for stress:

  • Anxiety Formula. This one goes right to your “panic” circuits and gives you new, more comfortable patterns instead
  • Stress Busters. This formula helps you take stress in stride — and cope with it successfully

Keep one or both of these formulas handy, and you will soon be cool as a cucumber no matter how much stress the world throws at you!

Oh. By the way, both of these formulas work well for animals too ๐Ÿ™‚

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