Dec 18 2008

Awesome New Essence From Perelandra

Perelandra is one of my all-time favorite places ~ and it’s one of my main flower essence resources in every sense of the word. Machaelle Small Wright is my teacher and muse in the world of Co-Creation and Flower Essences ~ and the wonderful nature essences from Perelandra are the best anywhere.

Essence of Perelandra

I was intrigued and thrilled, then, to learn recently that Perelandra has a new essence; Essence of Perelandra. Well, you know I just HAD to get that and try it myself! Here’s my reaction in one word: WOW! This stuff is amazing! Let me tell you my experience with it.

You may already know about some of Perelandra’s other formulas, such as their ETS (Emergency Trauma Solution) that resets your trauma circuits if they get triggered, (I tell you, this stuff is in a whole different category from Rescue Remedy!)

Or maybe you know about their Microbial Balancing Program, that balances all the main systems that govern your physical functions. (I regularly use several of these myself.) If I run out, I notice the difference immediately.

But Essence of Perelandra? It’s like the pinnacle of all the essences Perelandra has ever made. And I don’t say that lightly.

Taking this essence is like I imagine I might feel if I were to be sitting in the middle of Perelandra’s garden in the early summer, on a clear sunny day with a light breeze blowing, birds singing, and critters coming and going completely unconcerned about a benign human presence in their midst. It’s like being in Paradise, friends. And I don’t know about you, but I have had many moments recently where all I wished for was to be in a calm beautiful place where I could just breathe and BE! Essence of Perelandra takes me there, instantly.

From now on, I am going to be recommending this essence to everyone ~ because there are no people, animals, plants, or situations that can’t use it and benefit from it.

However ~ and this is a biggy ~ I’m not going to carry it here. It’s not that cost-effective for me to order it, have it shipped, and then ship it to you with an additional shipping cost. You can just go to Perelandra and order it yourself.

If you feel like it, you can say I told you about it — but you don’t even have to do that. Just buy it and use it!

I can guarantee that you are going to love it and find many, many ways to use it to make your life so much better. I mean, what if you could feel like you are in Perelandra’s garden any time you want to be there? All it takes is 10 drops and you’re there ๐Ÿ™‚

Now how hard is THAT?

Click here to go to Perelandra and order your Essence of Perelandra today. (Like I said, I don’t get anything from this except to know that I am helping you have a better and easier experience in your life. The more of us on the planet who are having better experiences, the better things are going to go, don’t you think?)

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