Oct 16 2008

Bavarian Gentian

Bavarian Gentian is, again, a flower whose cousins in the Gentian family have long been prized for their healing properties, especially for those who have struggled under extremely challenging conditions. The Gentian flower is one of the main flowers, for instance, in the formula that the Flower Essence Society took with them to Rwanda after the massacres there, to assist those who survived the genocidal attacks to recover from their trauma and PTSD. (This formula was extremely successful, by the way. . . )

Bavarian Gentian

Bavarian Gentian

But the Bavarian Gentian has its own special purpose here.

The bright blue color of this flower reminds us of the spaciousness of the open blue sky, the vastness and beauty of the heavens above. Looking at the flower is like looking deep into the heavens, the very eye of Heaven. This is a very spiritual flower, that opens to reveal what Heaven holds, what is beyond form, what is highest within all of us.

The Bavarian Gentian Essence is a doorway for spirituality, a call to the Celestial. It helps us to reach higher, reach toward enlightenment. Its message is simple: “My heart opens to the Sacred, to the beautiful Light of what is sacred.” Purchase Bavarian Gentian which calls us higher, beyond our personal struggles and woes, to understand that in reality, everything is sacred and beauty-full.

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