Oct 14 2008

Bavarian Saxifrage

While Saxifrage has been a standard of many flower essence practices for years, never before has there been an essence made from the Bavarian Saxifrage, which is a very special flower that differs from its relatives in other parts of the world in some key ways..

Bavarian Saxifrage

Bavarian Saxifrage

The Bavarian Saxifrage is the first of the Italian Alpine flowers to be made into an essence. It carries an incredible ability to adapt in harsh circumstances. It is a very grounded flower, able to literally break rocks with its strong roots.

There are four major eco-environments in the Alpine Meadows:

  1. The meadows at the base of the mountains, where grasses and other plants grow abundantly.
  2. A bit higher up, there are rock gardens with less soil and more rock.
  3. Higher still, there is scree, hardly any soil. The flowers growing at this level struggle, are short-lived. The surfaces are steep.
  4. Boulder-fields and sheer rocks and glaciers. At this level, flowers are scant and rare. Bavarian Saxifrage grows at Level 4.

The flower’s essence offers the grounding energy along with the ability not only to adapt and be flexible under harsh circumstances, but to actually be happy about it and thrive. Bavarian Saxifrage celebrates the cooperation with its environment in a marvelous symbiosis, and the remembrance that all can be happy together within what’s given.

The Bavarian Saxifrage‘s gift is the consciousness of cooperation and joyful co-creation, exuberant adaptation and thriving no matter how harsh the environment.

If you are feeling the stress of harsh circumstances, or wonder if you have the strength to endure the challenges you face, purchase Bavarian Saxifrage which will help you learn how to thrive and be cheerful about it. This is a sensible, solid, grounding essence.

When you are feeling adrift in life, at loose ends, or just very ungrounded, this one is for you!

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