May 19 2009

Blue Panther Energetic Essences: Bison

This is the 7th essence in the Blue Panther Energetic Essences collection. Bison is a very powerful essence, with a lovely power animal behind it.

BISON essence brings you Faith and connection to Creator, gratitude, abundance

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  • Grounded connection to higher powers
  • Deep gratitude for the gift of life
  • Coming into one’s power through right action, respect and humility
  • Recognition of the abundance of the Universe, rather than the man-made ideas of scarcity

Facilitates connection to higher powers, deep appreciation for the gift of our life and the life all around us, helps us to act in the knowledge that abundance is the law of the Universe and that scarcity is a man made concept–produced by the limitations of thought and the ego. Helps us to see the nvwati, the good medicine in all things and events, and to come into our power through right action, respect and humility.

Some Uses: Supports those wishing to stay on a path of right action and humilty, to transcend the ego’s needs. A good companion for those working to release old patterns related to money, scarcity, fear of wont. Helps one to see the Nvwati, or good medicine, in all events and beings; so that gratitude flows and faith is renewed.

Stay tuned for other essences in this collection; next up will be Butterfly.

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