May 18 2009

Blue Panther Energetic Essences: Dolphin

The sixth essence in the Blue Panther Energetic Essences collection is Dolphin. This one is a special favorite of many people, especially during stressful times like we’re living now.

DOLPHIN essence helps you with your Breath, rhythm, grace, clairvoyance

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  • Visioning in dreamtime
  • Plumbing deep emotions in a healthy way
  • Expression of unbounded joy and playfulness
  • Communication and communion with family

Some Uses: For helping to move gracefully and easily between dreamtime and journey worlds and 3-D reality. Aids in tuning in to the breath and its rhythms, one’s own and that of other beings, helping one to function in within ‘the flow’. Can facilitate rediscovering unbounded joy and playfulness lost to childhood trauma or simply ‘growing up’.

Stay tuned for more details about the other amazing essences in this collection. Coming up next? Bison!

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