Jan 30 2009

Blue Panther Energy Essences

After a grueling day last Monday working for more than 11 hours on the Master Formulas, I’m pleased to announce that the Blue Panther Energy Essences are almost ready. Annette Waya Ewing had previously sent me some red shiso she grew in her own garden down in Mississippi, and on Sunday I tried my hand at making a batch. I thought it would be nice to use them for this series, since the Ewings are my partners in this venture and because they were the ones who first asked me if I could make the formulas for them.

The red shiso turned out to be the BEST I’ve ever had! I was thrilled. So these new Energy Essences not only contain reiki energy of multiple shamans, they also contain an excellent, robust base of Mississippi-grown red shiso.

The formulas are also stabilized through a rainbow aura crystal that was used in the shamanic reiki infusion ceremony. I have that here now, and it will continue to provide power and stability for the formulas.

Now we are just waiting for Annette, who is also a fine artist, to complete the drawings for the labels. On a parallel track, my webmaster is working to get the pages ready on my site, so that we can start taking orders for the new selection.

There are 16 individual formulas in this collection. You can see a preview of them here at Jim and Annette’s web site, Blue Sky Waters

If you’re into reiki and shamanism, you will also like Jim’s book on the subject, which is available through their web site.

Next up, I have a whole new collection of my own wonderful flower essences to announce. I have more than 200 new flowers in stock (bringing the house inventory to well over 2000 individual flowers now, from all over the world) — and have added gem essences to the repertory as well.
This spring I will be making my own first gem essences, with some very special gem stones.

So there are a lot of very cool things in the pipeline. If you haven’t joined our rss feed or mailing list yet, it would be a good idea. The announcements will be out real soon!

Until then, be well and enjoy your dances with the flowers ๐Ÿ™‚

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