Aug 07 2009

Bright Wings Aesclepias

While I await the latest research catalog from Green Hope Farm (and news about whether or not they were able to make flower essences from the Bright Wings Aesclepias seeds I sent them), I have some good news about the Bright Wings flowers.  Actually, it’s several pieces of good news!

Bright Wings Asclepias

First, let me tell you about one of our neighbors.  His name is Hugh and he has the greenest thumb of anyone i’ve ever seen!  He denies having a special relationship with the land, or any “magical” powers — but I’m telling you, when he puts a plant into the ground it grows like nothing you ever saw.  Zinnias that are normally 12 inches high grow to 3 feet in his garden, and give colorful blooms all season long.  Whatever he plants just plain thrives.  And his garden is delicious to look at.  Yeah, he’s got a green thumb all right — whether he admits it or not 🙂

But the reason I’m telling you this is because I had one of those “slap the forehead” moments a few weeks ago.  Why on earth don’t I ask Hugh if I can make some flower essences from his garden?  Man, THOSE flowers are just begging to offer their energy to the world!  They would make very powerful remedies.

So I asked April, Hugh’s wife, if she thought Hugh would let me do that.  She said that not only wouldn’t he mind, he’d be honored!  Ahd she gave me permission to go over there any time and take pictures and make essences.  I am tickled pink!  (Not that I need any new projects, mind you. . . but still.)

The second bit of good news is that I found the seeds again for the Bright Wings Aesclepias — and I ordered some, just in case.  Because if I don’t get the flowers from Green Hope Farm, guess what.  I’ll be giving the seeds to Hugh!  He germinates his seeds over the winter with grow-lights in his basement.  And while he might not actually “sing” to them — I bet he does something nice to get such beautiful flowers 🙂  And anyway I know they will be in good hands.

So. . . watch for some news about Hugh’s Garden in the near future and let’s see what we come up with this year.  It’s kind of late in the season but I still see color over there.  And next year we’ll have the Bright Wings Aesclepias for sure!

Now, I made a deal with April and Hugh.  They don’t want to take any money in exchange for making flower essences from their garden, but I told them that because of the Law of Reciprocity, I HAVE to give something back.  So here’s how we settled that.  I will be giving half of the proceeds from all the flower essences we make from Hugh’s Garden to them, and they will use the funds to donate to their favorite charity.  I’ll be posting here about which one it is, once we have some essences and start selling them.  Oh, and I plan to offer these at wholesale for stores, too. . .

Oh, and in a few weeks I will have the Tibetan Gentian flower essence from Avena Farm, too.  Exciting news for all of us!

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