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Oct 17 2008

The Bright Wings Flower Essence

A very cool thing is going to happen next year (spring of 2009) ~ Molly Sheehan, the heart and soul behind Green Hope Farm in New Hampshire (she wouldn’t say that about herself, but I can) is going to plant some seeds I have been saving. (Well, really, it’s the angels and devas who are […]

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Oct 10 2008

Italian Alpine Flower Essences Are Here!

Today we have a brand new, powerful collection of flower essences from an area of the world where flower essences have never been made: the Italian Alps. The Italian Alpine Flower Essence Collection now available was made this summer from three special flowers growing in the highlands and meadows of the Italian Alps.

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Sep 24 2008

New Self Help Site Features Many Resources

Hey everyone, I just learned about this great new site: Dances With Flowers is going to be listed there! I’ve been surfing some of the resources they are featuring, and I really like how many great self-help areas they are covering. Go visit when you have the chance, and see if you can’t pick up […]

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Aug 09 2008

Healing Depression Naturally

People who struggle with depression often feel that nothing will help. They probably have tried all kinds of things, from herbs (with mixed results) to antidepressants. But the one thing that few people have tried — and should — are flower essences. There is an effective flower essence formula for Depression available here. Flower essences […]

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Aug 08 2008

The Chakra Series: Chakra Balancing Formula

Each of the Chakras, when healthy, operate in a cohesive pattern. It is only when there is a disturbance that help is needed. The Chakra Balancing Formula assists you in keeping the energies flowing throughout the entire chakra system, to allow all the chakras to remain vibrationally connected, and to integrate issues that you may […]

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