Jun 04 2008

Chakra Clearing Essences

I am so excited to announce our new Chakra Clearing Essences Collection! I just finished sending the information off to the webmaster to add to our catalog and — crossing my fingers — hope that we will be able to start shipping in about a week.

This collection has been a long time emerging — partly because some of the flowers we needed for the formulas had not been made into essences until recently. The other reason is that client requests have kept me so busy I have not had time to sit down and work on them. But last week, one client told me that she absolutely needs this collection NOW! So, I set aside a couple of hours and — voila! Here we are.

In this collection, there is one essence for each of the 7 major chakra areas, and an additional formula that balances and aligns ALL your chakras. I am very very pleased with this collection, because I see with all the stresses we humans (and our animal friends, too!) are under these days, it’s important to keep the energy moving throughout all the systems. If energy gets stuck in any of the chakras, either through illness, stress, injury, or neglect, then the Life Force energy will not be able to move freely where it needs to go.

Last week I worked with a client who had issues with his brow chakra, and he has been feeling like he isn’t even in his body. He’s suffering from headaches, and has many issues that result from a major 6th chakra blockage. The new Chakra and Balancer formulas are going to be very helpful for him, as he clears the places that are keeping the energy from freely flowing throughout his system.

If you have been feeling like your energy isn’t flowing the way it should, maybe you should take a look at this new collection, and see if one of more of the Chakra Clearing Essences is what you need. For a limited time only, I’m offering a special price on the entire collection, in case you want the whole set.

If you’d like to know when the order page for this new collection is “live” be sure to join my list. The link is right there in the upper left-hand corner. And thanks for dancing with the flowers today!

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3 Responses to “Chakra Clearing Essences”

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  2. Nancy,

    The more I read about flower essences, the more I think I should just fill up my bathtub with them and soak in them head to toe! LOL I know – that would be a bit much, but it’s just how fascinated I am by what I read here.

    Keep the great info coming!

    Suzanne Bird-Harris | Learning Curve Coachings last blog post..Operating On A ?Need To Know? Basis

  3. Nancyon 11 Jul 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Thanks Suzanne,

    You know something? You CAN put the essences into your bath water — but if you do, don’t put anything else in the water (leave out the bath oils and bubble bath.) That’s one way to have the essences surround you as well as infuse your internal circuits with the information. It’s nice!

    Thanks for the encouragement, too ๐Ÿ™‚


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