Jun 04 2008

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3 Responses to “Chakra Clearing Essences”

  1. […] essences if you need them. (I just made a new collection of flower essence formulas to help you clear individual chakras, and to balance all of them. . . )Be silly for a while. Give someone a smile. You know. The […]

  2. Nancy,

    The more I read about flower essences, the more I think I should just fill up my bathtub with them and soak in them head to toe! LOL I know – that would be a bit much, but it’s just how fascinated I am by what I read here.

    Keep the great info coming!

    Suzanne Bird-Harris | Learning Curve Coachings last blog post..Operating On A ?Need To Know? Basis

  3. Nancyon 11 Jul 2008 at 1:48 pm

    Thanks Suzanne,

    You know something? You CAN put the essences into your bath water — but if you do, don’t put anything else in the water (leave out the bath oils and bubble bath.) That’s one way to have the essences surround you as well as infuse your internal circuits with the information. It’s nice!

    Thanks for the encouragement, too ๐Ÿ™‚


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