Apr 25 2008

Claustrophobia Relief

When you need to confine your dog or cat because of illness, injury, or just for its own safety occasionally, unless it has already been accustomed to being crated it can panic at being confined. If you’ve ever seen a cat holding on to the sides of a crate door with its paws rigid, refusing to go in, you know what I mean here! Fortunately, there is an easy way to get your animal used to being crated or confined, should it ever become necessary.

First of all, when your pet is a puppy or kitten, you can get them used to being in a crate by leaving it their living space with either the top off or the door open. Put some toys or treats inside, and let them explore out of curiosity. In short time, the crate will become just a normal thing in their world, and not scary.

However, if they are an adult animal and are still frightened about being confined, you can give them flower essences. Flower essences are a safe, 100% natural way to help them feel comfortable in a crate or being confined.

Bach’s Rescue Remedy formula will help them to get calm, but I have another option, too. I made a special formula called “Claustrophobia” just for situations where being confined is still frightening. (By the way, this formula also works well for people or kids with the same issue.)

Healing is a hard enough job that they shouldn’t also have to deal with the additional stress of feeling claustrophobic on top of it. What the Claustropobia Formula does is to make being confined not a scary thing, but rather an ordinary matter-of-fact situation. With the flowers’ help, your pet (or your child) can deal with what’s happening without the added “baggage” of feeling terrified — so that they can get the rest they need, and can heal (if they are recovering from an illness or injury.)

This one can be an invaluable aid for recovery, calmness, and stress reduction — for you AND for your pet (or child.) Keep it on hand when you need it.

You can order it here or schedule a private phone consultation here.

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