Apr 25 2008

Emergency Trauma Solutions

If your trauma circuits get triggered, THIS is the one to reach for — automatically. It reconnects your trauma circuits if they get triggered by anything from a paper cut to an auto accident or sudden bad news. Created by the good people at Perelandra (my heroes and sheroes!!), this formula has a place in my house, medicine cabinets, purse, and car. I am never more than a few feet away from a bottle.

If you have pets or kids, you NEED this one! There is one formula for humans, and another for animals. It comes in either white vinegar or brandy, so you need to pick which one is right for you.

One of the ways I use it most is that I am always getting paper cuts (or those equally annoying little nicks from staples that don’t lie completely flat like they are supposed to.) They are a sudden, sharp, painful thing that is not exactly a major trauma — but my circuits get triggered just the same. I gasp, and it distracts me until I can get it attended.

What I do in those cases is to put one drop of the ETS right on the wound, and pop a dropperful into my mouth at the same time. What I notice is that it stops hurting immediately. I take a deep, full breath. And the healing begins instantly. I don’t necessarily expect you to believe what I’m going to tell you next (because honestly when it first happened to me, my thoughts were “This is impossible. This is not supposed to happen!”)

The first time I put a drop of ETS on a paper cut, I looked at it while it healed under my own eyes. By this, I mean that the bleeding stopped, the pain stopped, and I watched as the cut sealed itself and healed as if it had never happened. Within 60-75 seconds, there was no evidence that anything at all had ever happened to that part of the skin. I was absolutely stunned. My heart started beating faster, as I began to realize what had just happened to me.

Later I called Perelandra and, rather hesitantly, wondered if I might ask them a question. I told them what had happened about the paper cut, and asked if they had ever heard of any other reactions like that. There was a brief silence on the phone, and then a quiet answer: “Yes.” “Yes???” I asked (hoping they would say more.) “Yes.” Came the response. They said no more than that. But by then they didn’t need to. It told me what I needed to know. I wasn’t crazy. Even though I didn’t (and can’t say for sure that I still do) understand it.

Since that time, I have had multiple similar incidents, with paper cuts in particular. And certainly any kind of skin wound heals incredibly fast when I apply the ETS to it, and take it internally as directed as well.

This is a powerful and important formula to have on hand.

Oh. One more thing. I get asked this question a lot, so let me answer it here. I’m sure if you are already familiar with Bach’s Rescue Remedy, you will wonder how is this different? Here’s my answer:

1) Rescue Remedy is for shock. It calms you down. You can use it when you are stressed, or in times of accident or emergencies. It works.

2) ETS resets your trauma circuits if they get triggered.

How is this different? How do you know which one to take? Well, personally I prefer the ETS in most cases. For general stress or if I feel overwrought, I will use Rescue Remedy,but when I can tell that I feel traumatized, I am reaching for the ETS. I think both will work for many things. If I should get into an auto accident or hear that someone close to me has been injured or died, I will probably want both formulas: RR for shock, ETS for the trauma.

Let me know if you have other questions!

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