Jul 01 2009

Fireworks and Thunder and Oh My!

Happy Fourth of July!  Or is it, for your pets?

When the bangs and whistles start, or else the loud thunder bangs of a lightning storm, your pet can take a sudden dive under the bed (or, as one dog-owner calls it, “heads for the bomb shelter”)

Fireworks can set your pet fleeing for cover!

Fireworks can set your pet fleeing for cover!

Loud noises don’t seem to bother some animals.  For others, it can be a nightmare!

If your dog, cat, rabbit, or horse is spooked by loud noises from storms, fireworks, or things that go “bump” in the night, you might feel helpless when your reassurance alone doesn’t seem to help.  It’s like they’re having a panic attack!  (In fact, they probably are.)  Rather than give them tranquilizers (which your veterinarian might prescribe), instead try something that really helps:  flower essences.
Flower essences for panic attacks and phobias support your pet by getting the “panic” circuits connected properly.  What happens as a result is that they are able to experience what’s going on around them, without the layer of trauma that often accompanies habitual startle reflexes, or fear.  Their circuits will help them understand that, even though there are scary sounds, it doesn’t mean THEY are in danger; they can relax and feel safe and secure in their own home.  And that’s what everyone wants!

Our Phobias Formula was made for just these occasions.  Get some on hand now, before the fireworks start — and have them on hand all through the summer storm season.  Your pets will thank you for it!

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