Oct 15 2008

Fleur de Soleil

Fleur de Soleil is the second Flower to be made in the Italian Alpine Flower Essence Series. The Sun is talking to you with its generous energy and equanimity. The Sun gives equally to everything on Earth; there is a smile behind it, very joyful in its expression. The keywords are gratitude, exuberant celebration: “Look what I get from the Sun!”

Fleur de Soleil

Fleur de Soleil

Fleur de Soleil makes the heart beat with joy and gladness, like the warmth of the sun making the face warm and happy. It helps you remember that even the Sun knows how to treat everything the same, none higher or lower than another; the patterns of Fleur de Soleil help you release long-held judgments about people, ideas, or things ~ so that you can relish the enormous diversity and variety of everything here on the planet that we share together.

Be here now, without judgment, in whole-hearted embrace and gusto of living underneath an exuberant and generous light of the Sun, relating openly and without fear with all other living beings. These are the gifts of Fleur de Soleil

When things around you (or inside you) feel all too gloomy to bear, purchase and take Fleur de Soleil. She will teach you how to find your natural strength and exuberance again..

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