May 23 2008

Flower Essences For Addictions

Dealing with addictions is one of the toughest cultural dilemmas of our times. There are many forms of addictions:

  • smoking/tobacco
  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • shopping
  • sex
  • food (either overeating, or addictions to a particular food group such as sugar)

Often, too, a person can overcome an addiction to one substance — only to switch patterns and use something else to cover up painful or uncomfortable feelings, or just to help them feel good enough to make it through the day.

Addictions are definitely a problem, because of the lost time — and quality of life — for everyone involved. Addictions destroy health, relationships, jobs, families, and lives. And while there are many books, self-help programs, therapies, and ways to deal with addictions, one of the least known — and most powerful — are natural.

I’d like to share with you my personal story about one form of addiction (to cigarettes) and how I overcame it using natural remedies. And then I want to talk about how flower essences can help you get ready to face — deal with — and overcome your own addictions, to whatever substances may be keeping you (or a loved one) from leading a full, happy, healthy life.

The flowers that go into formulas for addictions address all the issues that you need to face:

  • denial
  • painful or uncomfortable emotions that have you reach for a substance (or bad habit) to cover up something in your life
  • the physical component of addiction; how your body is currently wired to create cravings
  • how to stop cravings cold — for once and for all
  • withdrawal
  • recovery and sustaining new, healthier patterns and habits

The flowers contain the wisdom that you currently lack, about what to do, what to change, and how best to help yourself become the free person that you long to become.

If you are drinking alcohol or using substances such as drugs (whether they are prescription drugs or not), you will need to stop taking them (or in the case of certain drugs, be in a medically supervised detox program) in order for the flower essences to work. The only times the flowers have not worked is when the information they contain was unable to reach the consciousness of the person taking the formulas — because the circuits were being “overwritten” with the chemical imprints of the substances they were using.

That is why it matters that you stay clean and sober, in order for the flowers to do their work! If you can — on your own or through a program or course of therapy of your choice — manage to make the decision to stop, and not put any more of the substance into your system, the flowers will work to get you past the addiction. Period. But you have to take that first step.

Are you ready? Then reach for the flowers instead of your favorite addiction. You will be so glad you did!Oh. One more thing. For people worried whether it’s safe for them to take flower essences because of the preservatives in them? We have you covered on that! here’s how we help. You can have a choice of which preservative you would like:

  • Glycerine (made from coconuts) — unless you are diabetic or hypoglycemic
  • White Vinegar
  • Red Shiso (vegetable with a high vibration that holds the formulas very stably)
  • Brandy (not for people recovering from alcohol or drug addictions)

Regardless of your special need, there will be a preservative that you can take that will work very well for you. Do allow the flowers to help you heal from one or more of the worst problems of our time: addictions.

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