Apr 15 2008

Flower Essences For Animals Help Pets Behave Better

Animals are so close to Nature, they seem to take to flower essences naturally. In the wild, you will always see an animal rubbing up against (or nesting in) particular herbs or plants — this is how they absorb the energies from those plants naturally.

When in captivity (as in household pets, for instance) they don’t always have the opportunity to commune with Nature as they would on their own. So it behooves us ~~ their human partners ~~ to help provide them with the energetic support that Nature would otherwise provide for them.

This is one way that you can assist your animal friends: give them flower essences!
Particularly if there is some issue or problem that is difficult to resolve through training techniques, you may want to turn to flower essences to support and easily handle the changes you want — and that will make your pet much more comfortable.

Some examples of situations where flower essences can be helpful for your pet:

  • when you introduce a new animal (or human!) to the household, or if you move to a new local

Some days, don?t you wish you could wave a magic wand, or find a potion, that would turn your problem dog or cat into the sweet, cooperative companion animal you had in mind when you got her? I can?t give you the magic wand, but the potions ? that really do seem to work like magic ? are called flower essences (or remedies.)

Flower essences are one of the best ? and least understood ? natural remedies available for your dog. They are safe (even for newborn puppies or kittens), effective, and inexpensive (most flower essence formulas sell for between $10 – 25.)

Flower essences help most with training, behavior changes, and relationships with people and other animals ? but they can also help prevent shock and help your dog return to normal if its trauma circuits have been triggered.

An example: ?Honey? was a sweet golden retriever who developed a serious phobia as she got older; once when something cooking in the oven set off the smoke alarm, she panicked and went berserk, tearing at curtains and screens trying to get out of the house. Afterwards, every time something went into the oven, ?Honey? became extremely upset again and repeated the behavior. The owner called me to see if flower remedies could help ? and they did. Within minutes of taking her flower essences, Honey was able to remain completely calm, and the owner could again enjoy peaceful mealtimes.

How do the remedies work? Flower essences work through your pet?s electrical system, to create and stabilize desired patterns of behavior. The flower essences (also called flower remedies) come in liquid form and are administered by mouth. The animal?s system then ?learns? the information that it receives from the flowers, and can more easily understand what is wanted and how to adapt its behavior accordingly.

Your science class (or your Mom) might have taught you that water conducts electricity ? and this is the basic principle through which flower essences work. Granted, the electrical properties of the flower remedies are not as strong as the currents that flow through your household wires. But the information the flowers carry are just as important to your dog?s health and well being as the electricity in your house is for operating the appliances and keeping the lights on.
Just so readers are clear, sometimes flower essences are confused with essential oils ? which are quite different both in what ingredients they contain and in how they work. Essential oils are fragrant while flower essences are not; essential oils work through the pet?s olfactory system, while flower remedies work through your pet?s electrical system. And while flower essences are harmless under all conditions, essential oils (used in aromatherapy) can be dangerous unless you know which ones are safe for animals and which are not. Essential oils are usually applied externally while flower essences are taken orally (and may also be used externally as well.)
Some common situations where flower remedies can be very effective are:

* Training (to help your pet remember what behavior you want from her, and to remember how to perform various commands she is taught)

* Claustrophobia (this remedy comes in handy if your dog must be confined to a crate or restricted space)

* Phobias such as panic during thunderstorms or loud noises (you will want this one around the 4th of July or in storm season)

* Relationships (working out the pack hierarchies with other animals, dealing with challenges in public or unfamiliar situations, and other kinds of relationships with children and other animals.)

* Shyness or submissive behavior (to give confidence and self-assurance to the timid dog)

* Overstimulation (to help your pet become and remain calm under stressful conditions)

* Grief and Loss, or life changes (yes, animals grieve losses much the same way humans do ? and flower essences can help make the changes easier)

When your pet is not responding to training as well as you would like, or if there is a persistent behavior that is causing trouble, you can use the flower essences ? in conjunction with your training ? to easily and quickly get problems under control before they become chronic. That way, everyone wins. When your dog knows what you want and is able to respond appropriately, both you and he are happy ? and life is good.

Many flower essence formulas produce immediate results that you can see; others need to be administered regularly over a period of days or weeks to ?take hold?. Every animal is a little bit different that way, just as humans are. What you want to see are signs of progress, which indicates that the flowers are ?doing their job.?

When your pet?s electrical circuits are well-connected, she is a happy healthy animal ? and a fit companion for you and your family. Rather than use potentially dangerous medications that can have side effects, the natural and safe remedies from flowers are what you want when something isn?t working the way it should, because that is what will reconnect her to her ideal pattern again.
Make sure YOUR pet has the connections it should, and you will both enjoy a more enjoyable life together.

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