May 21 2010

Flower Essences For Prosperity

These days there are so many more reasons to struggle financially than there were even a year ago.  And that’s true globally, not just here in the USA.   While flower essences aren’t going to “get you a job” — they will support you in becoming a person capable of landing a new job, or of finding new ways to generate income through methods that may be new to you.

If abundance has been eluding you lately, you may find help in unexpected places.  Flower remedies are one of them.

If you’re not familiar with how flower essences work, you might want to visit our FAQ section, to learn more.  But meanwhile, I want to share with you an unsolicited testimonial for the Prosperity Pack.  This one comes from Jean Rudko, of Alberta, Canada.”since she started taking the Prosperity Formulas, she’s been getting really great deals.  There have been so many instances, it simply can’t be coincidence.”  She goes on to say that she doesn’t ever want to be without them (although I imagine that at some point she will have internalized the energy patterns and be able to attract what she wants, whenever she wants.)

What Jean experienced is one of the ways that flower essences can help you.  She began to ask if there were discounts available — and delighted to find that there were.  She began to think of ways that she could not only generate more income — but also to decrease expenses.  The flowers helped her understand new ways to think, which results in more ease and abundance for her. She uncovered — and began to attract — bargains, discounts, and — yes — money!

Some of the benefits aren’t obvious; but in many cases when you can change how you think, you change what can happen.  Then your life begins to turn around.   That can seem miraculous — but it’s perfectly natural, and to be expected.

Can the flowers help you today?  We have a special offer for the Prosperity Pack, that will give you the most value.  See if you or someone you know could benefit from a simple way to change your consciousness about money, abundance, and prosperity.  With graduation, Fathers’ Day, and June weddings coming up, there may be people who could really use this!

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