Aug 22 2008

Flower Essences for Spraying and Marking Territory

If your cat or dog is spraying or marking their territory, you have a big problem! First of all, the odor is offensive. Secondly, it’s hard to get the stains out permanently. And finally, once the behavior starts it’s hard to break.

But there is hope! You don’t have to resort to drugs (most of which don’t work, unless your pet has other health issues — and I’ll talk about a couple of those in just a minute) — or to get rid of your pet (which would be sad for everyone.

There is an effective flower essence remedy called Spraying Formula available here that takes care of the behavior fast — and safely.

Spraying Formula stops the behavior fast and effectively. I’ve invited several of the people whose cats and dogs have changed within several doses, to post their comments here, and I hope they will, so that you can read how it worked for them.

Basically, this formula addresses both the physical and behavioral issues of spraying or marking. In some cases, your cat or dog may be suffering from hypothyroidism, which is a condition that is treatable and for which flower remedies will need to be only part of the solution. Natural remedies can do a lot — but they should be used in conjunction with traditional veterinary care when necessary, and sometimes under the supervision of your vet.

So I need to say that you should FIRST have your pet thoroughly checked out by your veterinarian, to make sure there is not a serious medical condition that could be at the root of the behavior. Whether or not there is a medical issue, you can still use the flower essences to help. In the case of hypothyroidism, you will administer the flower essences to help restore the natural healthy patterns to the animal’s electrical system, in conjunction with treating the physical components that require medication.

If no medical condition is present, then the Spraying Formula helps the animal to learn appropriate boundaries and behavior. We do also recommend in this case that you:

  • reinforce clearly what is expected of your pet and use positive reinforcement techniques such as clicker training
  • keep their schedules consistent
  • keep their “potty places” clean at all times

While spraying is a serious problem, it has easy solutions — whether medical intervention is needed or not. Look to the flowers to help you get it under control quickly.

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