Jun 22 2009

Flower Essences For Summer Sun and Heat

As I write this, there isn’t much sun out there right now.  But it’s the 2nd day of Summer — and there will surely be some sun and heat before the summer’s over.  But I bet one thing you never thought of to help with the sunburns or heat exhaustion (for you or for your pets) is flower essences.

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

But flower essences really CAN help — with overheating, sunburns, sun stroke, heat exhaustion, and just plain too much of a good thing.

The first thing we all should do in the summer heat is to stay hydrated:  drink plenty of water.  Sodas or alcoholic beverages don’t count; you need plain old H2O!

The second thing you should do is to wear sunblock, to guard against skin cancer.  But wearing sunblock won’t prevent burns if you stay out too long — and it sure won’t prevent sunstroke or overheating.  And you can’t put sunblock on most pets!  You need to be aware of how much is enough, and go easy until you’re sure you can cool down easily when you want to.  Most of all, if you’re in a pool or near the water, remember that the reflections can burn you even on a cloudy day; don’t be painfully surprised later!

Finally, if you do get sunburned (or too hot, exhausted, or dehydrated) — start drinking water as soon as you can.  And start taking the ETS (Emergency Trauma Solution) flower essences.  Put your body into a cool or lukewarm bath (without any bubble bath or oils added) — and add several tablespoons of ETS to the water.  Soaking in a solution of ETS will put all your circuits right again, more quickly than if you don’t do this.  (Each person or animal is different, so I can’t say for sure how long your bath should be — or how many droppers of ETS you should take or give to a child or pet.  You can’t overdose on it!  The best way to tell is by how you’re feeling; YOU know if you’re all right or not.  I say take the ETS until you start feeling better.  And then take one more 🙂

Note:  Please do NOT add the ETS to your swimming pool water!  It has chlorine or other chemicals in it, and the ETS won’t work in that environment.  You COULD, however, put some into your kids’ wading pool — as long as you don’t add anything else to the water before or after you put the ETS into it.  And this would also be a great idea for your pets — many dogs love to frolic in the wading pool to cool off; so go ahead and give them an extra way to cool down and “chill out” on a really hot summer day.

Another formula I like, that also helps, is Essence of Perelandra.  (Ask me about this one; it’s not up on the web site yet but I’ve been using it with great success for several months now.)  You can add this to your bath water, too, and use it in combination with the ETS to quickly return to balance when the sun has “done you in.”

Be safe in the sun!  And keep your kids and pets safe, too.   But if you’re challenged, get stocked up on flower essences BEFORE you need them!  It’s the smart thing to do.

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