Nov 25 2008

Flowers For Giving Thanks

Each holiday, I start to get curious whether Nature has provided a particular flower (or set of flowers) whose energy patterns help humans and animals to be connected with a particular energy ~ such as Love (for Valentine’s Day) ~ and Gratitude for Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving I looked through my repertory (which is growing every week, it seems ~ I now have more than 1200 individual flowers in stock) to see if there are flowers that really help people get more in touch with feelings of gratitude — especially if they are having a hard time finding things for which to actually BE grateful.

Very quickly one of my favorite little flowers popped right into mind. She’s the delicious Pink Water Lily!

Pink Water Lily

Pink Water Lily

Pink Water Lily is a flower I turn to when a person really has forgotten how to simply BE with things. It shows up in more formulas than I originally thought it might, because of how powerful an ally it is when we want to find ways to reconnect to our gratitude ~ and remember that there really ARE so many blessings we have, if we would only stop focusing on what we don’t have and think we should.

Now if I were to make a Thanksgiving combination formula, I might also add a little Borage, which is bright blue and overcomes just about everything. It’s a fragile little flower but tough, and it reminds us how to weather all storms and be strong in who we are.

Together, the colors of the flowers blend to a purple vibration, which is very spiritual. Just the thing to help us remember where to turn when we need help ~ and Whom to thank for every good thing.

Oh and how could I forget Zinnia? She helps us remember how to be joyful! That is a very important ally for gratitude, after all; it’s hard to be grateful and sad at the same time. . . which is one reason why psychologists have their depressed clients keep a daily gratitude journal.

And finally, I’d add one of the new flowers from our Italian Alpine Collection: Fleur de Soleil. This sweet little flower carries the energy of the Sun, which shines equally on all Life ~ helping us remember that we are connected to something greater and warmer than what we may experience in the moment.

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  1. Cathy Santarsieroon 06 Dec 2008 at 1:07 am

    Nancy, your knowledge of flowers and their essences never ceases to amaze me! Have a lovely weekend. Warmly, Cathy ^..^

    Cathy Santarsieros last blog post..Saturday is St. Nicholas Day!

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