Apr 25 2008

Formula For Healers and Sensitive People

If you are a healer — or a sensitive person — you will often be challenged not to take on the energies of the people with whom you come into contact. It may be difficult for you to be in crowds, because you “take on” the ambiant energies of people around you — even when you don’t mean to or don’t want to. That is a common dilemma for healers and sensitive people. But there is some real hope — and it’s very effective, too.

Just to help with situations like this, I have created a very powerful flower essence formula that I call the Healer’s Formula. It is based on the Flower Essence Society’s Yarrow Environmental Solution (aka YES Formula) — but I’ve added some special flowers that specifically help keep you and your system in its integrity.

Interestingly, the Yarrow family of flowers has a close relationship to healers. So there are many kinds of yarrow in this formula — along with a number of other flowers from around the world, whose job it is to keep your electrical system clear and functioning properly regardless of how much it may be challenged by external forces.

Here’s what this formula does:

  • keeps YOUR energies inside, without “leaking out”
  • keeps other energies from penetrating your auric field
  • keeps you from “taking on” the energies of other people (or machinery and equipment, or electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere)
  • protects you from negativity
  • keeps your energy levels stable during the day

These are all ways that the Healers’ Formula helps you remain intact, regardless of what may be going on around you. It’s excellent for psychotherapists, bodyworkers, commuters, sensitive people in general, Lightworkers and Indigos, and healers of every stripe. It is also for those “healer animals” whose special work it is to heal others, such as therapy dogs and cats.

Order your Healers Formula here — or schedule a private phone consultation today.

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One Response to “Formula For Healers and Sensitive People”

  1. Becky Therianon 28 May 2009 at 11:52 am

    In working with animals, (I offer canine massage therapy and Reiki) it is very important to be centered and grounded as our animal friends pick up on even the slightest energy blocks or troubles. Nancy was kind enough to offer me the Formula for Healers and Sensitve People to try. From the moment I tried it I felt a general sense of calm and felt as though my spirit was reuniting with my body. It was quite strange as you generally think your spirit and body are united all the time. I think when you are sensitive and a natural healer you allow your spirit to probe out into the surrounding space to feel for the energies of others to determine if all is safe, if someone needs healing, etc. I believe we do this unintentionally but it is what makes us so sensitive to the energies surrounding us and what makes us natural healers. Unfortunately, this ability also makes us suseptible to negative or unhealthy energies that can affect us physically. I think of this formula as protection from those energies and it helps me to remain focused and allow only those energies of healing and light to innervate my space. It is as though it keeps your psycic filter working properly to screen out the harmful energies and allow in only healing light.

    I also think this formula is quite useful for our animal friends who show symptoms of being highly sensitive. This can manifest itself with fearful, shy and even aggressive behavior. I have a highly senstive, reactive dog who is equally sensitive to energy formulas. I applied a couple drops of this formula to the top of his head and felt instant heat rising from his crown chakra and his eyes got sleepy. It was amazing!

    I recommend this formula for yourself and your companions to help keep you both grounded and protected while remaining sensitive to positive, healing energies of light.

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