May 07 2009

Get Me Outta The Funk

This week it’s been raining most of the time, with a few breaks between the clouds when the sun peeps through just for a couple of minutes or hours. When the sun comes out, it’s glorious — and I know the flowers are enjoying the rain. But. . .

May Tulips

May Tulips

While the garden is very happy for the rain, not so much the people, though. When it’s dark and gloomy out, the mood of a lot of people seems to be, “Get Me Outta The Funk!”

I suppose that’s why I made this new formula. It’s for those times when everything seems all-too-much, and whether it’s the rain or the news, nothing seems right with you. This formula will perk you right up! Get Me Outta The Funk does just what it says; it helps you find the sunny side of life again, and helps lift you out of a temporary gloomy mood.

Now, if you’re feeling depressed most of the time, it would be better for you to try one or both of these: Illumine or Depression. They are for a sadness and depressed mood of longer standing; both will work quite well whether or not you’re taking herbs or antidepressants. They’ve been tested and proven effective over a long period of time.

So. If it’s just a recent spot of “the funk” — or whether it’s something you’ve been struggling with for a long time, we’ve got you covered. Naturally!

Go get yourself Outta The Funk now — and enjoy the Spring flowers again ๐Ÿ™‚

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