Jan 22 2009

Get Me Outta The Funk!

I’m usually a truly upbeat person. Very positive. But for some reason, last holiday season, I found myself falling into a dark funky mood that I couldn’t seem to shake. Now, if this were the onset of depression, I’d know what to do with it. But this was something well, just kind of a mood or something ~ and I really hated it.

So it’s a good thing I’m in a line of work where I know what to do for these things; yes, that’s right, I made myself a flower essence formula. And man did it ever work! Of course I had to call it Get Me Outta The Funk! ~ because that’s just what it does.

Now, this is NOT for someone who is truly clinically depressed. There is a different formula for that — and you need to be under the care of a licensed medical practitioner (not to take the flower remedies, but to be sure that your depression is being clinically supervised.) Remember, we’re not allowed to “diagnose or treat any illness” — and that includes what can be termed emotional illness, too. So if you feel (or know) that you are clinically depressed, please seek help.

Then, if you and your medical professional agree that it would be appropriate for you, come see me about flower essences for depression. I participated in a longitudinal study sponsored by the Flower Essence Society on depression, with eight clients. All but one completed the study and had wonderful results; the eighth one discovered what was making her depressed and decided not to make the change at that time. We know that flower essences can be of enormous help for people with depression. And, you can take them at the same time as antidepressants (if you need to take pharmaceuticals for a while); flower essences do not interfere with any medications and are completely safe.

That said, if you’re just having a sudden dip in mood, and feeling kind of “funky” without really knowing why, then Get Me Outta The Funk! is a formula you really ought to try. I guarantee it will brighten up your day and get you over the rough patch, so that you can get on with things in your life.

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