Sep 04 2008

Good News and A Preview of Coming Attractions

Just got back from vacation, where I made a couple of discoveries and got a lead on a new flower I had not known about before. I need to contact the garden’s owner and see if I can get a flower essence made from this very rare plant (Tibetan Gentian.) Stay tuned on that one.

Then, just as I was packing up to return home, I got a call from a friend who spent most of the summer in the Italian Alps. Here’s the story on that.

We tried an experiment to see if we could get flower essences made from some of the very special wildflowers growing high up in the Italian Alpine meadows. The message I got was that she was successful!

Now, I need to meet with her and see what she was able to bring back. This is very exciting news — because to my knowledge, no one has ever made flower essences from this region before. And it’s going to mean that we can have access to some important remedies that are going to be needed in the days ahead.

Seems like this is how Nature wants it — to have someone make the essences just BEFORE they are really needed. Sweet, eh?

That’s all for now. I will have pictures and more news soon!

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