Aug 02 2013

Grand Trine Merkaba Activator Formula

On July 29, 2013 there was an extraordinary celestial pattern in the skies, one that some say opened the next 26,000 year cycle after the last one ended on 12/21/12.  Here is a link where you can learn more about this special pattern and what it might mean:  Grand Trine Merkaba.

At the request of one of the Collective Consciousness Healing Groups, I made a flower essence formula that captured the energy of this moment in time, encoded and sealed.  You can learn more about the Healing Groups here and here.

Bright Wings Essences

Bright Wings Essences

It was made originally for one of my Collective Consciousness Healing Groups, when they chose their July flower essence formula.  Here’s what they told me they wanted the formula to do for them:


  • crystal clarity
  • deeply encode the Sacred Feminine energy
  • become fearless and free


I so loved the way one member said it that I’m sharing it here with you, because it’s what I built the formula around:

“I want clarity.  I want crystal clarity.  I want my mind to feel like a star burning.  I want my body to feel like the ocean stirring.  I want my breath to feel like a refreshing breeze that restores me.”

So I made a formula that does this.  AND. . . I made it within the Great Trine Merkaba energy on July 29, 2013.  The formula is encoded and aligned with the heart of the Universe, as it manifests beauty and sacred life force energy.  You can buy it here.

The other thing is, members of the CollectiveConsciousness Healing Group get that formula at no additional cost.  If you’re not a member, you’ll pay $35.00 a bottle.  It’s VERY special.  If you’re a member of the Group, it’s already included in your membership fee.  Along with the ability to connect with me and with other cool people solving their top issues every month.

To get a custom blended formula made for you?  Right now that will cost you $150.00.  For EACH custom blend you want.  You can get that for vonly $50.00 a month through the CollectiveConsciousness Healing Group.  And help heal the consciousness of humanity.

Why not join now?  New groups are forming this week.  Come be part of a great awakening!

But if you just want the Grand Trine Merkaba Activator?  You can get it here.

You win either way 🙂


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