Jan 08 2009

Great New Flower Essence Formulas for 2009

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Hello everyone and Happy 2009! This year has tons of possibility in it ~ and I intend to make this one of the best years ever.

Here’s a little bit of what’s in process and soon to be released (my webmaster and assistant are working on getting them ready on the web sites now) from the Bright Wings “laboratories”:

  • Blue Panther Energy Essences: a line of 16 shamanic reiki essences, for reiki practitioners and energy healers. This one was created at the request of ~ and in partnership with ~ two Indigenous Shamans. It’s really special!
  • Relationship Essences: Everyone is in relationship with others — usually LOTS of others, from family to friends to significant others, to bosses, neighbors, and so on. Because so much of the custom work I do is around relationships, I thought it was time to offer the formulas publicly. There are some really wonderful formulas for you coming along. (Just in time for Valentine’s Day perhaps???)
  • Get Me Outta The Funk! Last holiday season, for no apparent reason, I was in the dumps for a while. Of course I turned to the flowers to see what they could offer me, and I came up with this little jewel — it did the trick in no time. When you’re temporarily “in a funk” this formula helps lift you up and out into a better place. You are gonna LIKE this one, I promise!
  • And a whole bunch more. In fact, all of the new essences are things that people have been requesting for a long time and I just haven’t had a chance to get them done until now.

Stay tuned! I’ll be announcing more details as soon as I can.

In the meantime, enjoy all the possibilities THIS MOMENT holds for you ~ and don’t forget to dance with the flowers on your way.

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