Dec 24 2008

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Joyous Holidays For All

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Snow has turned to sleet, then rain. Birds and squirrels feast on the seeds we tossed under the giant rose bush in the back yard. Gifts have been wrapped, the house is neat and clean, and as I slowly head toward final holiday preparations I consider how Nature is always in rhythm, always in balance.

I love the holiday time, when everything slows way down (either because the weather forces changes of plans, or because one chooses to follow the natural rhythms of Nature.)

And here for the holiday season is Poinsettia:


While I haven’t seen many flower essences made from Poinsettia, I have to wonder if there are some I just haven’t located yet. I’ll be on a search to see what I can find, and how they are used.

Meanwhile, I wish you and all your family a happy and joyous holiday (whichever one you celebrate) ~ and urge you to take some time to be out in Nature’s glory during the holidays. Breathe the cold air, feast your eyes on some of the amazing patterns that Nature shows us, and be inspired by the beauty all around you.
Peace and Light to all!

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