Mar 19 2009

Happy Spring Equinox!

Don’t know about you, but for many people this has been a long hard winter. If it isn’t the weather, it’s the “financial weather” that’s getting people down.
But tomorrow is the first day of Spring! Here the birds are, well, doing their procreative dances ~ and the flowers are pushing up through the winter soil with a lot of energy. I wanted to show you the first crocus of spring, that bloomed in our yard. Take a look and drink in the hope!

If the flowers can push through their obstacles, I believe we humans can figure out how to do that too!

First Crocus of Spring

First Crocus of Spring

By now, we also have a riot of colors with the other croci and a few iris reticulata.

But the first one’s always special. And this one is so cheerful and exuberant, I just had to share her with you!

Happy Equinox.

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