Aug 09 2008

Healing Depression Naturally

People who struggle with depression often feel that nothing will help. They probably have tried all kinds of things, from herbs (with mixed results) to antidepressants. But the one thing that few people have tried — and should — are flower essences. There is an effective flower essence formula for Depression available here.

Flower essences are entirely natural — with no side effects, so there is no fear of them interfering with any medications or diet you may be taking. And the best part? Studies have shown that they actually help ease the painful symptoms of depression — sometimes allowing you to stop taking antidepressants (under the careful supervision of your physician, of course.)

The other benefit of taking flower essences (in addition to or instead of pharmaceuticals) is their cost. The basic formula only costs $15.00 per bottle (plus shipping) — and a 30ml bottle usually lasts for a month. Compare that with the costs of other medications you may be taking, and consider whether it would be worth a try.

The flowers shown here are called Blue Daze; this one is growing in a hanging basket just outside my back door. I love their sweet, bright color that greets me each time I walk outside! This flower is one of the newest that we have added to the Depression Formula. And you know what? Its essence really brightens up your day too!

Order your first bottle of Depression Formula to try here. One thing we have learned over the years is that while you may experience modest relief within a week or two, it depends on how severe the depression is, how long you have had the symptoms, and whether or not you are consistent in taking the remedy.

People who have struggled with long-term depression might need to take the flower drops for several months; but at some point (unlike with other treatments) you will be free of symptoms. What we don’t know — and can’t tell you — is how long it will take. Every person is individual in their response.

The only thing you have to lose — is your suffering.

Give the Depression Formula a try. You will be glad you did — because the flowers will train your system how to feel happy again!

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