Oct 13 2008

How The Italian Alpine Flower Essences Came To Be

While we are preparing the web site for the Italian Alpine Flower Essences, I wanted to take a moment to tell the story of how these wonderful new essences came about. Get yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back for a moment, and let yourself explore a world that few visitors have the privilege to experience: the Italian Alpine meadows.

Italian Alpine Springs

Italian Alpine Springs

First of all, these photographs were taken in the summer of 2008, by Hasita Nadai of Yoga Gaia. Hasita is my friend, and a very special person. She grew up in the Italian Alps, and knows this area and its flowers well, which is why she felt that the flowers were calling to be made into essences at this time.

After several conversations ~ and a bit of instruction from me ~ Hasita took a few weeks this summer after her successful Yoga Gaia expedition in the Italian Alps, to make these first three essences.

Hasita and I are collaborating to bring the Italian Alpine Flower Essencesi to the world. All the images here are from her camera, and are copyright (so please don’t grab them and use them in any way without her perimission!)

The springs you see pictured here are where Hasita took the water to make the flower essences from ~ they are made with live spring water from the Italian Alps. Not only do these flowers carry the energy of the flower patterns, but also are held in the water that feeds them. Very special indeed!

The flowers from the Italian Alps are very special, and carry important patterns for healing and growth. These essences were made from the fresh clean springs of the Italian Alps, and three of the lovely flowers growing in the meadows and high elevations. We joyfully present them for you here.

Next, I’ll be sharing more details about each of the flowers, why I see that they are so needed for our time, and how the information came to me to combine them for a powerhouse formula that so many are calling for right now..

Stay tuned!

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