Aug 21 2013

Introducing the “Busters” Series

Most of us have at least one bad habit, that we wish would just go away.

But the thing is, habits don’t just “go away.”  You have to work on them.  And sometimes will power alone isn’t enough, especially when food or other substances are involved.  You need more help for those.  And really, for most of them.

If you’ve been struggling with a bad habit and not having much luck, don’t be too hard on yourself.  It might not be your fault.  You just don’t have the right tools.  Yet.

New help is here — and it’s more powerful than you might think.  Flowers are small, but they really pack a wallop when you’re using their essences.  They carry powerful patterns for change.  And breaking habits (and forming good, new ones) is all ABOUT change!

Break through your bad habits with our new Busters Series of Flower Essences

Break through those bad habits with our new Busters Series of Flower Essences

We can help you make it easy.   Our new line of flower essences help you break old habits and form healthier new ones; they give you the precise patterns you need to help you break free of all habitual patterns.  The new series is called the Busters Series — because that’s what it does.  It busts old habits and helps you form new ones.

If habits are keeping you miserable, or keeping you from being and doing everything you want, then you really need to give yourself the new energy patterns that actually work.  That’s what we have.

Learn more and buy them here.  (You can get discounts when you order several or more at the same time; some of them work even better in combination.  Check it out!)

I’ll be sharing more about each of the formulas in this series soon.  You may want to join our RSS feed or mailing list, to make sure you get all the details and news about this series and other new formulas.  It’s been a busy summer and we’re not done yet!

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