Jun 03 2009

Iris Glory

This spring has been a glorious one for the iris. We’re blessed with several different varieties, all doing their best to be exuberant and lovely this year.

Here’s a peek at some of them:

May Iris from our garden

May Iris from our garden

And here’s another section, from the Japanese irises (more dainty but very robust):

May Japanese Iris from our garden

May Japanese Iris from our garden

And, last but not least, here are some of the deeper purple iris, that inspire spiritual thoughts and meditation:

May Irises in purple

May Irises in purple

So what patterns does iris carry? First of all, they are deeply creative. When you feel your creativity blocked (as in writer’s block), iris is your great ally. She will help you remember how to connect with your own creative energy, and reconnect with the greater Universal creative energy fields. This is about renewal, refreshment, and restoration of creative force and growth.

Let iris be your ally when you’re feeling a little bit “stale”. Iris will gently guide you to the playground, where creating stuff is fun and full of energy.

If you’d like Iris to help with YOUR creative flow, send me a message through the web site and we’ll get a custom formula made just for you!

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