Oct 17 2008

Italian Alpine Flower Essence Collection

The Italian Alpine Flower Essence Collection is available here and contains three of the most powerful new flower essences that people are calling for in these intense times.

Italian Alpine Springs

Italian Alpine Springs

The flowers from the Italian Alps are very special, and carry important patterns for healing and growth. These essences were made from the fresh clean springs of the Italian Alps, and three of the lovely flowers growing in the meadows and high elevations.

While each of the three flowers (Bavarian Saxifrage, Fleur de Soleil, and Bavarian Gentian) each have a special message and pattern to help us successfully traverse challenging times now and ahead, there is yet another new formula made for this collection ~ which contains the essences of all three.

Read on to learn how and why we decided to combine these flowers for a very special combination formula ~ the fourth and final Italian Alpine Flower Essence for 2008.

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