Oct 10 2008

Italian Alpine Flower Essences Are Here!

Today we have a brand new, powerful collection of flower essences from an area of the world where flower essences have never been made: the Italian Alps. The Italian Alpine Flower Essence Collection now available was made this summer from three special flowers growing in the highlands and meadows of the Italian Alps.

Italian Alps

Italian Alps

The web site page is still being completed, but the links are live and I think you can go there and learn all about them now. The Italian Alpine Collection is very special, and very much needed today.

I will be posting explanations here over the next few days, describing each of the flowers and the special gift each one offers, and then tell you about the powerful combination formula I just made using all three flowers. I am calling this new combination formula the Safe Harbor Formula, because it’s what you need if you are in a toxic relationship, or feel buffeted by the storms of life that assail you.

I’ll be writing about all of them soon! Stay tuned ~ and go check out the page to see what wonderful new messages the flowers have to share with us from the Italian Alpine meadows.

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