Apr 17 2009

Let There Be Light

Finally Spring has arrived with a splash of sun, breeze and color. Everyone I know has been waiting for this time, and eager to be out in the natural world to enjoy it. I hope you get the chance, too.

While Spring can be fun, it has a downside too. It can be depressing for those who are struggling with finances, relationships, and job security. Or just feeling bad about all the problems in the world. While I have many essences that can really help with some of these things (see some of my previous posts about depression, healing, and more) there is one combination formula I’d like you to know about that is just right for many of you during these challenging times. It’s called Illumine.

This one comes from the Flower Essence Society, and it’s a nice balanced little formula that helps you when you are feeling down, going through any kind of crisis,feeling discouraged, or having health problems. It’s also very useful for your animal companions who may live around depressive caretakers or in a joyless environment.

The light is returning with the Springtime sunshine and flowers; let some light into YOUR life with the Illumine formula — and start enjoying our beautiful world again. You’ll be able to more easily tackle whatever’s on your plate that way ๐Ÿ™‚

Go here to order yours now.

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