Mar 13 2009

Make A Flower Clock

Spring is almost here! You can feel it in the air; the sunshine is getting stronger (or maybe it’s because the time clocks changed recently to Daylight Savings Time); and the birds are singing more sweetly. And soon many of us will be planting gardens — for food and beauty.

Because the theme of clocks and gardens are on my mind, here’s something fun that I ran across today: How To Make A Flower Clock.

I’m not sure I’d use the same flowers he suggests, but the idea inspires me just the same.

Has anyone done this yet? I’d love to hear what it was like as the flowers grew and bloomed!

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One Response to “Make A Flower Clock”

  1. Alexon 16 Mar 2009 at 5:10 pm

    it’s interesting, thanks !!!

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