Aug 21 2013

New Bone Heal Formula

While I’ve known about a group of flowers whose purpose it is to help heal broken bones, it’s only recently that I made up a formula for it.  A friend of mine recently broke her ankle, and while she is an alternative healer herself, she was surprised to discover that there are flower essences that can help people and animals heal their broken bones — even if it’s just a “bone bruise” (which is pretty painful, too.)

nre healomg formula for broken bones

Broken bones now have a new healing formula to speed your bone healing
Photo by decade3d

The new Bone Heal Formula gives your body the pattern to knit together breaks in any bone.  It speeds the healing process markedly and helps ease pain and swelling in the affected area.  My friend said that within a week of taking this formula, she was able to put weight on her foot (which is in a cast) without pain; her doctor told her it would be at least 3 weeks before she would be able to do that.  She feels that the healing has accelerated to a MUCH greater degree than it would have without the flower essences.  That’s good news!

While I don’t advise rushing the healing process (for instance, you can test out your leg or ankle, but don’t go on a 4-mile hike without your crutches!) — I do say that your healing process will be more complete, thorough, and with less pain if you take flower essences.  Your body will know how to accelerate the healing process for you and get you back to a healthy state more rapidly than you would without the new patterns in place.

Flower essences are all about patterns.   This formula holds the pattern for bone healing.  If you, a child, or a pet has a broken bone?  You need this formula! 

Oh and do also remember to administer Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS) as soon as possible after a bone breaks, and all through the healing process whenever there is pain.  It “reminds” your circuits what “normal” feels like 🙂

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