May 11 2009

New Flea and Tick Formula For Animals

This one is “hot off the press”! At the request of several customers and one of our veterinarian friends, I finally put together a very effective formula to give your animal friends the energetic field they need to repel ticks and fleas. Pest Away is here!


Yeah, these cartoon insects are cute — but the real things aren’t! And they can do serious damage to your dog or cat, because they also carry serious diseases, most of which are very hard to to treat. (We learned this the hard way.)

You need to be vigilant ~ and smart! If you’re concerned about the serious side effects from some of the chemical preparations for flea and tick control (both environmental and topical), you’re right! There are safe natural alternatives available, and now there’s one more: our new flower essence formula strengthens your animal’s immune system and changes its energetic field to repel fleas, ticks, and flies.

We do also recommend that you use essential oils (neem oil, chrysanthemum, and garlic are great) and diatomaceous earth — all natural products that cause no harm when used as directed. Here is a link to a site where you can get these:

The fine owners of this site are fellow members of Green America, like I am — and they will help you get the safe and natural products that, combined with flower essences, will give all your pets what they need to repel whatever’s attacking them. (Just so you’ll know, I’m not an affiliate for this company; I don’t get anything from recommending them except a good feeling.)

A good tip here is to add the flower essences to their baths, and to any natural sprays that you’re using for their bedding, in addition to giving them the drops in their water bowls or by hand.

I recommend that you not only give this to them by mouth and in their water bowls and baths, but also add it to their natural sprays for topical use as well as for their bedding. If you’re looking for some natural products to use that will complement this, I recommend another Green America member, RepellNet. They have everything you need for your home and gardens, to keep you safe and healthy.

If you’d like to make your own essential oil formula to spray on your pets and their bedding, be sure to include neem oil, and oils of garlic and chrysanthemum. You can find some really good essential oils at Young Living Oils (and no, I’m not selling their products — i just know they are high quality and you can trust them.)

Order Pest Away now — for preventing flea and tick infestations on your pets and in their environment.

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