Jul 18 2008

New Flower Essence Collections

This has been a busy week here at Bright Wings! My webmasters and assistants are busy right now adding some of the newest formulas and collections to the web pages and shopping cart, so while they do their magic, I want to give you a preview of what’s new. Each of the new formulas and collections are because YOU asked for them, so. . .

We listened! And now the new formulas are about to make their debut. Here’s what’s in the pipeline for release:


  • The Relationship Collection. A series of flower remedies to help you with all the different stages of your relationships, whether they be romantic, work or family-based. Whatever is challenging you with your relationships, we’ve got you covered. (And hey, if there’s something we missed? Let me know and I’ll get right to work on it! Seriously. I’m on a roll. . . )

Some of the Formulas in this series include:

— Forgiveness

— Heal Old Relationships

— Find New Love

— Gratitude and Appreciation

— Victim No More

And that’s just for starters ๐Ÿ™‚ There will be more, especially as you tell me what you want. I will create them.

  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Relief This special formula helps you to heal from the effects of any kind of trauma you may have had in the past. The original formula was created by the Flower Essence Society research team, who took them to Rwanda after the massacres. The ability of the flowers to heal even the deepest physical and emotional wounds was amazing; survivors who had had their limbs or faces hacked by attackers, and who may have lost their entire families, were transformed from people who could only sit mutely and face the wall — into people interested in life again, learning new skills and thinking about how to start their lives over again with renewed hope.

The troops who are returning from Iraq (or, rather, their families and friends) are reporting a very high incidence of PTSD; This remedy will help. if you — or a family member — needs help, this would be a great place to begin. The PTSD Formula will help restore the damaged circuits and help you face the demons of the trauma, with more comfort and kindness.

  • Allergy ReliefThere are so many stressors to our systems these days, from pollution to pollen to other environmental allergens — that even formerly healthy people are starting to report symptoms. When you feel that you are under attack and have allergies forming (or old ones acting up) — reach for this new formula. It will strengthen the circuits that are activated when your become allergic to a substance, whether the substance is food, pet dander, or something else.


  • Balance Me For seizure disorders in cats and dogs. This new formula is helping several cats with moderate to severe seizure disorders, to dramatically reduce their symptoms, without the use of drugs. One cat has gone from several major seizures daily, to none. Another cat with mild petit mal seizures has become less shaky and has had many fewer attacks than previously. This formula is definitely worth it!
  • Allergy Relief If your pet has hot spots or is itching, it might not be fleas. She might be allergic to her food, or to allergens in her environment. Give her formula to help her calm the system down and live a less stressful life.

As soon as I hear that the web sites have been updated with all these new formulas, I’ll be back to let you know. If you have already signed up to the rss feed, you will get the notices immediately. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so. Just look in the upper left hand corner and click on the link there to choose which reader you’d like to see the updates, and you’re done.

You can also join our mailing list which is also in the upper left hand corner (which will give you email bulletins when there is news.)

And, of course, we love it when you digg, stumble, tweet, or comment!

Thanks for reading.

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